something "real"

My names Dakota.
Born and raised in Florida.
Lesbian. 17. single as fuck.
music. art. reading.
Talk to me!(:


I died.

I’ve never even seen this show. And I just died.


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i’ve been laughing at this video for about 20 hours now

Yes it’s back

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if you wont kiss your partner after you cum in their mouth you are truly weak and natural selection is coming for you 

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i wanna talk about it but i really dont wanna talk about it

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two people on tumblr in the same room:go look at this thing i just reblogged


Trusting people is becoming hard

Keeping my grades up is becoming hard

Feeling pretty is becoming hard

Thinking happy thoughts is becoming hard

Doing work is becoming hard

Maintaining a friendship is becoming hard

Doing everything is becoming hard and I don’t like it

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